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Julia July Design, Isolation Sounds, Pho
Julia July Design, Isolation Sounds

Isolation Sounds

This project started at home. Due to the measures around COVID-19, I had to work from home. I noticed a number of things while working from home. For example, the things I see through my window. But especially sounds around me started to appear more present.
At one point I couldn't ignore it anymore. I started to document all those sounds by recording and drawing. I made visualizations of all the sounds that caught my eye in patterns. With this I wanted to enlarge the sound. As if you can look at it under a microscope. What the corona virus looks like under a microscope was one of my sources of inspiration.
In my final work you can look at all the visualizations of the sounds at the same time, while also hearing the recordings in the form of a sound collage. All visualisations next to each other can have an overwhelming effect. It is a representation of what this time was like for me.
Click on the 'play' button to listen to the audio-collage. You will encounter the sounds I have heard over the past month. Listen with your eyes closed. Listen with your eyes open. Look at the images. Note that you can read the images along with the sounds from left to right, and from top to bottom.

Outdoor exhibition Please Don't Touch 2020 - ROEM

Commissioned by Museum de Lakenhal

Upper Photo by Carlijn Andriessen

Julia July Design, Isolation Sounds
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