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Julia July Design, FAIR FORMS.png

Hybrid Publication

The base for this project were the science fiction stories 'Folding Beijing' and 'Invisible Planets' by Hao Jingfang. My first thoughts around these stories were about a certain feeling: a combination of restlessness, frustration, not knowing which rules to follow, and being stuck in a cycle.

I noticed this feeling in the main protagonist of Folding Beijing and in the characters on the planet Lunaji from Invisible Planets. After reading the stories, I adopted these feelings myself. This raised several design questions. I wondered if I could expose the sense of restlessness and frustration to the reader of these stories in the design of my hybrid publication, rather than just the content. And how would I design it so that this feeling develops in the same subtle way as the stories? In answering these questions, I hoped to reveal this feeling to the reader by letting them experience it in a strong way.

FAIR FORMS became the title of my hybrid publication. The word 'FAIR' is subtle and means honesty. The "FORMS" in my publication were based on the Chinese Tangram, but in a round shape. A Tangram puzzle can be very frustrating to solve. Sometimes you get stuck and try the same thing over and over. Everyone has a different way of dealing with these forms.

In my publication the rules are not explicitly told, but in a way I try to unconsciously lead the reader to a restless feeling. This makes the experience different for everyone and allows each reader to set the rules themselves. For the reading experience,
I used different methods for the print and web version to slowly expose the restlessness to the reader. At first it has a kindness and accessible factor, but when reading the text it exposes the frustration.

Click on the icon below to view the print design of chapter 7 from Folding Beijing.

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