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Julia July (1998)

I place confidence in giving the world a promising future through self-consciousness, connecting with each other and having attention for details. We can close the growing gap between people by keeping this in mind. By expressing my findings in a visual and accessible way, I hope to help people to look for each other again and recognize themselves in each other.


I use mixed media techniques like collaging and video-art with a graphic eye to translate my interests into visuals. By using techniques that include other senses than only words like images,sounds and touch I want to raise a more direct reaction.


Placing a material under a microscope and finding new insights and images in an analytical way, is an example of how I approach subjects for my designs. I am convinced that zooming in on the smaller things will create a bigger impact in the end.




BTW ID: NL003231439B50

2021 - present : Artist at Kunst Voor Ons, Amsterdam

2020 - present : Freelancer at Julia July Design

2018 - present : Active at Stichting ROEM Leiden

2017 - 2021: BA Graphic Design, Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam

                     + 2020: Internship at Heldergroen Agency, Haarlem

                     + 2021: Minor Social Practices, New Earth

2011-2017: Gymnasium, Stedelijk Gymnasium Leiden


2021 Exhibition and organisation Kennismakers X ROEM, Hooglandse Kerkplein

2021 Graduation Show Willen de Kooning Academy 2021, Rotterdam.

         + Nomination for the Treshold Award, Social Practices 2021.

2020 Digital Film Exhibition Binnenwereld/Buitenwereld, ROEM, De Leidse Burcht

2020 Outdoor Exhibition Please Don't Touch, ROEM x Museum de Lakenhal, Leiden

2019 Exhibition ROEM x Fair Enough, Wibar, Leiden

2019 Exhibition Call me DADA x Willem de Kooning Academy, De Kring Amsterdam

2019 Exhibition ROEM x Get Lost Festival, Marktsteeg Leiden

2019 Exhibition ROEM x Beter met Planten, Hortus Botanicus Leiden







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