Julia July (1998)

As a young (graphic) designer I am starting to find my place in the world. I place confidence in giving the world a promising future through self-consciousness, more awareness and change of behavior. What I use for this is my curiosity, that is strongly about the visual expression of nature around us. Placing a material under a microscope and finding new insights and images, is an example of how I approache subjects for my designs.


The experimentation and research stage are important factors for me when designing for a broader public and conveying a message. I like it when can still see some traces of these stages back in the end result of a project. Often you can see in my work that it is ‘hand-made’. I think that this is what draws the attention. Found insights and bringing subjects to the surface that are less mentioned in daily life, can create a bigger understanding with the viewer in an uncomplicated way.





Instagram: @julia.july.design

BTW ID: NL003231439B50

At the moment in my Graduation Year

2020: Internship at Heldergroen Agency, Haarlem

2017 - present: BA Graphic Design, Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam

2011-2017: Gymnasium, Stedelijk Gymnasium Leiden, Fruinlaan Leiden


2020 Outdoor Exhibition Please Don't Touch, ROEM x Museum de Lakenhal, Leiden

2019 Exhibition ROEM x Fair Enough, Wibar, Leiden

2019 Exhibition Call me DADA x Willem de Kooning Academy, De Kring Amsterdam

2019 Exhibition ROEM x Get Lost Festival, Marktsteeg Leiden

2019 Exhibition ROEM x Beter met Planten, Hortus Botanicus Leiden







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